Pontremolese, the proposal of the president of the shipping association Andrea Fontana

“The commercial use, goods and passengers, of the railway tunnel to remunerate a public finance project open to private capital. That for the environmental benefits would be entitled to return to the Recovery fund” I am obliged to return to the completion of the doubling of the Pontremolese railway line, which I consider fundamental for the economic development of our territory but which also, as repeatedly demonstrated, has a strategic interest for the whole nation. I’m just getting on with it. It has been learned, also thanks to the pressure exerted on the political referents by our business community, that the completion of the work, in relation to the design and construction of the tunnel, has been included by MIT among the major infrastructures to be realized as a priority by Commission procedure. The commissioner was appointed in the person of Engineer Mariano Cocchetti, RFI manager with considerable experience of large railway works. The news has provoked understandable enthusiasm in me, as President of the Association of shippers of the Port of la Spezia, for the further, very important step towards the completion of a rail link modern for the goods between the ports of the Tyrrhenian sea and the Po valley.