We have a strong presence in France, Spain, Algiers, Morocco, Tunisia and Malta thanks to the group companies and an extensive trading network consolidated over the years.
Thanks to logistic networks, we are also able to offer door-to-door shipments ensuring the presence of correspondents in place for most of destinations around the world.

Our routes

Over the decades, Dario Perioli Group built a very close relationship with most of the European countries and especially with the countries of North Africa such as Morocco, Tunisia and Algiers, reference point for commercial traffic of these areas.

The main North African ports that are docked by the ships that we manage are: Orano, Algiers, Béjaïa, Skikda for Algeria; Sousse and Sfax for Tunisia. However, experience, professionalism and expertise of the team allow the Group to forge partnerships with the whole world: from Europe to Asia, as well as America and Australia.