Carriage of goods – ITC

Freight Service

The staff of Dario Perioli is able to provide a full assistance in drafting documents, verification of letters of credit, VGM statement and consultancy for the management of dangerous goods (IMO/ADR/ADR).

Through several trusted brokers, the company has the opportunity to take out insurance policies guaranteeing customers shipments in total safety.

Storage and Unitization

The area in concession at the terminal MDC at the port of Marina di Carrara. It has 4000 sqm of covered warehouse and 24000 sqm of total area, placing the Perioli Group in a geographically privileged position compared to the ports of La Spezia and Livorno, with the possibility of storing goods waiting for boarding and providing for the filling of standard and oversized containers.

The Perioli Group is also present in the main Italian ports with highly specialized collaborators able to handle all the various types of packaging.

International Shipping

An international shipping House must have the ability to handle the goods from departure to arrival at destination and, to do it in the best possible way, ITC has built a local network over the years, which allows it to have in its range conventional conveyors for small packages, container conveyors, warehouses, manufacturers of wooden crates, packagers, experts for delicate goods, dangerous goods experts able to give ad hoc advice and to complete all the necessary documentation for an IMO shipment. Customs experts who can provide advice and issue all the necessary documentation for an export in all the main cities of Italy. although the core business of ITC is the Port of Genoa, where it has its headquarter, an employee has the possibility to take charge of the goods of the customers in every Italian city and take care and attention which has always been the trademark of ITC.

Moltissime Compagnie Marittime hanno affidato l’agenzia delle loro navi all’Agenzia Marittima Dario Perioli

In every major European city, a colleague of ITC can follow on site the collection or delivery of the goods of the customers, follow all the process that the goods will have to do. ITC has established collaborations and partnerships with the best logistics partners around the world, leveraging a network of contacts covering over 800 cities, 190 countries and over 9000 of the best logistics operators who have become part of the worldwide network.

International shipping
house and customs transit

ITC, three letters and a sea of solutions

Within the Dario Perioli Group, ITC represents the figure of the forwarder able to perform all tasks typical of a modern freight forwarder, without losing their roots and their identity.

The world of logistics is constantly changing and it has become increasingly frantic and impersonal, but ITC’s philosophy is to build bonds and connections with the customer, which must be the center of the shipment to be followed carefully. Many economic efforts and many investments have been made to create a structure that allows you to ship goods from anywhere in the world and to connect such distant places in a very simple way. The ITC staff is able to offer multiple types of services which can be divided into two macro-categories: international shipments and customs transit.

Customs clearance and freight forwarded

The world of International Shipping also requires great customs skills and legal knowledge, for which many investments have allowed to create in the ports of Genoa and La Spezia the two main and most important Italian ports, customs offices available to the customer, with customs declarants able to solve and find all the solutions and more congenial formulas to shipments to the point of becoming a reference for multitudes of subjects.

From the direct customer who has to take care of his shipment to the international giants like the shipping multinationals who entrust the management of their thousands of containers to our collaborators.