Dario Perioli, experience at the service

of your ships

The strength of The Shipping Agency Dario Perioli is the structure created over the years and the complete know-how it has developed, managing to reach significant numbers and becoming leader in many different sectors, with over 1100 ships in the past year.

Gli agenti marittimi raccomandatari di Dario Perioli Group sono esperti del trasporto e della logistica marittima


Training and innovation are two key points of the Shipping Agency and, over the years, many investments were made to have the best experts. They annually follow refresher and specializations courses in order to be informed about each change of legislation. It must also be recognized every effort made to computerize the Shipping Agency Dario Perioli with all the necessary tools to answer to a market increasingly bound to new technologies.

Dario Perioli has also invested in infrastructure, making available to ships customs officials who are internal to the group, thousands of sqm of customs warehouses, superintendents, hotel facilities, laboratories and medical studies, car rental with or without driver in order to allow the import-export management of ship’s stores, offer a complete last mile service, maritime assistance both from a medical point of view and in every aspect of practice of maritime movement.

Port agent for ships of italian flag

The ten-year relationship with the Shipping Company Grimaldi provided over the year an experience necessary to manage over 600 ships of Italian flag in the ports of Genoa and La Spezia. It includes hundreds of embarked and disembarked seamen, certificated renewals with all the involved subjects and authorities and the ability to manage an approach caring every aspect of the stopping (from both the point of view of the care of the crew and technical/bureaucratic for the boat)

Il rapporto decennale con la Compagnia Marittima Grimaldi ha fornito negli anni una esperienza tale da permettere di gestire oltre 600 navi di bandiera italiana nei porti di Genova e La Spezia
Moltissime Compagnie Marittime hanno affidato l’agenzia delle loro navi all’Agenzia Marittima Dario Perioli

Port agent for ships of foreign flag

Most Shipping Companies entrust the agency of their ships to the Shipping Agency Dario Perioli, that represents the Port Agent for CNAN MED and for two of the top ten Shipping Company in the world They have chosen Dario Perioli for their container ships of more than 10 thousands TEU.

Departure and in arrival boards relationship with the Italian financial police and the Border Police as well as daily interactions with all major ports in Genoa, La Spezia and Marina di Carrara ensure clients of Dario Perioli the certainty of obtaining a full assistance for their ships, with all the aspects and subjects involved during an approach.

Specific traffics

Ro-Ro ships, passengers, gas carriers, cement mixers and recreational crafts: these are some types of traffics which are added to container ships. They found a safe haven in Dario Perioli.

Dario Perioli manages on behalf of Algeria Ferries the passenger line from all ports to Algeri also thanks to experience spent such as the one with the Moroccan state-owned company. The partnership with Hyproc Shipping has made Dario Perioli a deep knowledge of everything concerning the traffic of gas carriers for which it is Port Agent and for which it manages the approaches in all their parts.

In the port of la Spezia Dario Perioli is a point of reference as far as the world of craft, for which manages all of the parts of an approach (from the customs and the practices with the local authorities), while in the port of Genoa, he is in charge of the Port Agent for a company of feeder, who chose to avail themselves of the services Dario Perioli for the management of the transfers of all the biggest shipping Companies in the world that use the port of Genoa as a global HUB for the transshipment of their units.

Compagnia di Stato marocchina, Dario Perioli gestisce per conto dell’Algerie Ferries la linea passeggeri da tutti i porti italiani per Algeri