History, a matter of experience

History, a matter of experience

History and Mission

Dario Perioli Group, thanks to years of experience in the shipping sector, is able to provide a professional and quality service supplied by a 3PL operator. With the aim of assisting the client from the beginning to the end of the transport, the history, the passion and dedication of the team make a valuble contribution to the company.

Years of experience

Founded in 1908, Dario Perioli S.p.A. was born as a company involved in importing and trading of coal for industrial purposes and heating, becoming the market leader throughout the country in the sixties.

Since 1970 it became a joint stock company, focusing its business in the shipping industry, shipping agency for both tramp vessels and scheduled services, boarding and disembarking and marine brokerage. Became the backbone of a group of companies with related and complementary activities, leaders in their field and active in the port of Genoa and La Spezia.

The group, our strength

Dario Perioli Group later was later involved in various operations of corporate acquisitions and merging, creating a complete network in the shipping sector (in the following Group”), under which it assumed the role of operating structure and parent company. Coordinates society different companies, each of each them was the leader in its sector. The exercise of this business is carried out thanks to trade relations, started and consolidated for a long time.

Dario Perioli works personally or through his subsidiaries. In fact, he is able to provide transversal competences in the maritime transport sector, inclusive of boarding and disembarking, shipments, shipping agency activities, customs clearance and all logistic services functional to cargo handling.

The group companies

Among the companies of the Group there are operators of primary importance that operate in the Mediterranean, such as:
• Shipping company Cnan Med S.p.A. (an Algerian company Government) performs scheduled services between the ports of La Spezia, Genoa and Marina di Carrara and in Algeria through multi-purpose vessels mixed of general cargo and containers;
Cnan Italia S.r.l. ,which is the general agent of Cnan Med S.p.A., moves regular traffics between Italy and the main ports of North Africa;
• The company Sahel Line S.r.l., performs regular scheduled services between the port of La Spezia, Marina di Carrara and Tunisia, takes advantage of multi-purpose vessels mixed of general cargo and containers that allow the transport of any goods.
• The Group is completed in 2018 with the the birth of Terminal MDC, located in a strategic position in the port of Marina di Carrara and with a complete service supplied by a 3PL operator.


Started in 2008, it was set up to look after the interests of Cnan Med, of which it is general agent in France. It is physically present both in the port of Marseille and in the port of Fos. Nowadays, it supervises about 100 annual approaches to and from the main Algerian ports.

ITC Services

The staff of Dario Perioli is able to provide a full assistance in drafting documents, verification of letters of credit, VGM statement and consultancy for management of dangerous goods (IMO/ADR/ADR). The Group is also present in the main Italian ports with highly-specialised employees who are able to manage every type of packaging.