Arkas teams up with Cnan Med for routes with Algeria

A short distance from the agreement formalized between Messina and Tarros for a service line joint for the transport of containers in the Mediterranean, also Arkas has decided to ally with Cnan Med on the routes between Italy and Algeria through a slot charter agreement. This agreement, that in practice previews the sharing of the hold of the ships between the two subjects, exceeds that which already the parties had signed last May and concerned the connection Westmed Oran Service between Algeria, and Spain. This reorganization led to the cancellation of the service Wos (that performed the rotation Castellon, Valencia, Barcelona, Oran, Algiers, Castellon), and Ias examination (La Spezia, Barcelona, Algiers, La Spezia), replaced by three links operated by Cnan, which Arkas markets under the names Algiers Express, Oran Express and Béjaïa Express.