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Dario Perioli S.p.A. founded in 1908 mainly as a coal importer and trader serving the industry and the heating sector, Dario Perioli S.p.A. has been the leading energetic company in the Italian market until 1960.
Afterwards (from 1970 as a joint stock company), the Company has been focusing on the forwarding and shipping fields, both for tramp ships and liners, loading and unloading, shipbroker and insurance broker activities.
In 1992, under a new shareholding structure, the Company became the backbone of a group of leading companies having related or complementary purposes, located within the harbours of La Spezia and Genoa. In 2015 through a merger Dario Perioli S.p.A. adapted the organization of such companies, keeping its headquarters in La Spezia and an operational branch in Genoa.

The company has adjusted the organization of its structure, headquartered in La Spezia, operating branch office in Genoa where it operates with its own resources and making use of the divisions of AMU Giacopini shipping agent and customs agent, to respond to the new realities in every field, in particular has followed the transformation of the port and is able to offer a full cycle of services for the management of goods through synergies with other companies of the group.

In order to meet the needs of its customers, Dario Perioli S.p.A.. He has developed a management system for quality as a means to ensure that the service provided is always in conformity with the requirements specified in the interests of transparency to the market.





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