Dario Perioli Group


Dario Perioli S.p.A. founded in 1908 mainly as a coal importer and trader serving the industry and the heating sector, Dario Perioli S.p.A. has been the leading energetic company in the Italian market until 1960.
Afterwards (from 1970 as a joint stock company), the Company has been focusing on the forwarding and shipping fields, both for tramp ships and liners, loading and unloading, shipbroker and insurance broker activities.
In 1992, under a new shareholding structure, the Company became the backbone of a group of leading companies having related or complementary purposes, located within the harbours of La Spezia and Genoa.In 2015 through a merger Dario Perioli S.p.A. adapted the organization of such companies, keeping its headquarters in La Spezia and an operational branch in Genoa. The Company operates with own resources through the expert skills of its divisions AMU Agenzia Marittima and Giacopini Spedizionieri Doganali. It synergically offers an exhaustive range of merchandise management services, thus being able to embrace the multiple challenges of the new environment resulting from the harbour business changes.In order to accommodate its customer’s needs, Dario Perioli S.p.A. has developed and implemented a Quality Management System ensuring that its services consistently meet their requirements, within a framework for market transparency.


AMU Agenzia Marittima, a proprietary tradename of Dario Perioli S.p.A., is mainly active in the field of shipping agency for merchant liners.
Over the years, AMU Agenzia Marittima has extended its sphere of activity to the passenger cruisers. Based in La Spezia with a branch in Genoa, the Company operates with its own organization and staff.
The Company’s Operational Management System is certified by UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 , which ensures reliable and transparent services being provided to its customers.
AMU Agenzia Marittima is able to manage the customs manifest pre-clearing operations.


GIACOPINI Spedizionieri Doganali is a proprietary tradename of Dario Perioli S.p.A. It originated in the 1930s from one of the many business activities of its founder Mr. Eligio Giacopini, a former director of La Spezia’s Chamber of Commerce and a champion in the construction of the town trade harbour in the early 1900s. A great tradition that benefited of a new momentum in the aftermath of WWII, thanks to the passion of Mr. Umberto Fontana, who promoted the customs clearance activity.
Nowadays GIACOPINI is one of the two divisions of Dario Perioli S.p.A. Its services cover the full range of tasks carried out within the harbour of La Spezia. In the past, the Company has been mainly active in the conventional field of customs clearance of big lots of sundry merchandises, dry materials, ferrous and nonferrous metals, pipes, steelworks, plant equipment etc. Instead, today it chiefly focuses on customs clearance of containers, both for export and import.
GIACOPINI has its own office within the La Spezia Customs’ premises.
To support the customs activities, the CAD SPEDIA agency has been established in 2015.